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Durban - largest port city in Africa

Lying on the east coast of South Africa, the port city of Durban is the largest port on the continent and is an ideal destination thanks to its many attractions. Durban's Golden Mile refers to the sandy beaches where one can enjoy water sports and fun family outings in the sun, with a view of the fishing boats at work out in the ocean. Nature and modern urban life combine for a great leisure holiday. Durban beaches are safe for swimmers and surfers, with protective nets and the daytime presence of beach patrollers. The Golden Mile is popular for water sports such as surfing and body surfing. Air France flies to the Durban International Airport from the UK, read more about the highlights of this holiday destination.

Durban: plan a dream holiday

Durban is an ideal destination for a beach holiday. You can relax in the sun and enjoy the warm ocean water year round. The South African city also offers a large choice of attractions: excursions, sightseeing, water sports, relaxation, and even meditation for a complete holiday experience. Originally founded by British settlers, the English language is spoken by most of the population here; the other main language is Zulu. Take a trip to the Inanda township to learn more about Zulu culture and customs, where you can watch authentic dances by Zulu performers, or book a tour on the Zulu Heritage trail.

The Durban Cultural Centre welcomes visitors to discover more about the history and culture of the Indian community that has lived in this part of South Africa since the British Colonial period. You can view paintings, clothing and artefacts. The influence of the Indian population is still felt today, particularly in the local cuisine that uses spices such as turmeric, coriander, and the “Durban curry”, a unique blend of flavours and aromas for curry lovers!

Durban has a number of interesting museums covering many areas of local history and culture:

  • The Bergtheil Museum: set in a 19th century farmhouse, the exhibition details the lives of German settlers in Durban.
  • The Kwa Muhle Museum: focuses on the Apartheid regime and history of the black population.
  • The Killie Campbell Museum: shows collections of paintings by South African painters. Scenes of Zulu tribal life are often depicted in these works of art.
  • The Durban Art Gallery: houses many works of Art by European artists and also beadwork, carvings and clay pots from the Kwa-Zulu Natal region.

For a fun family day out, the city's aquarium, uShaka Marine World promises a fascinating discovery of ocean creatures and many interactive activities for children.

The Valley of 1,000 Hills is a unique historical and cultural experience. The excursion includes a tour of the Umnrengi River Valley, a traditional Zulu stronghold. You may also like to take a walking tour along Durban's Green Corridor, which links nine natural parks, including the Yellowwood Park, for a day out in the African bush. Nature tours are available from the reputed Tekweni Tours Company.

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