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Where can I find the name of the airline company operating my flight?

The name of the airline you are traveling with is indicated on your ticket. If another company is operating your flight for Air France, its name is indicated when booking the flight. Simply click on "OP" below the flight number.

How many trips can I book at a time?

You can only book and pay for one trip at a time, which may include up to 6 flights legs. To book more trips, you must return to the "Book your trip" section of the home page.

How do I book a trip with multiple destinations?

Our website lets you book up to 6 travel legs per trip. You can also book a trip whose return flight arrives in a city other than your departure city. For example: you can book a Toulouse-Berlin departure flight with a Frankfurt-Paris return flight. Or a Paris-Tokyo departure flight with an Osaka-Paris return flight. Or even: Paris-Nice, Nice-London, London-Nantes, Brest-Paris. To book this type of trip online, click on the "Multi-destination itinerary" button on the booking form. For other types of itineraries, please contact your travel agency, an Air France ticket office, or our telephone sales service. To locate a ticket office or find our telephone sales number, please go to the "Contact us" section.

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Do I have to pay for my ticket as soon as I make my booking?

If you need time to think when booking online (for a flight with an Air France flight number), you can opt for a Time to Think option. This option allows you to guarantee your booking and your rate for up to 3 days.* The price varies according to your destination and travel cabin. This service is free for babies under 2 years of age, whatever the flight and travel cabin. For more information about the Time to Think option, please consult the “Book a flight” section. To confirm your purchase, simply go to the “Your bookings” section and pay for your ticket before the end of the Time to Think period, without changing your original booking. If you do not confirm your purchase, your booking will be automatically canceled at the end of the Time to Think period. * The duration of the Time to Think period varies depending on your destination and the date of your booking.

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Is there an additional fee according to the method of booking?

Additional fees can include booking fees, which are costs related to the distribution of a ticket, and service fees, which are administrative costs related to the sale of a ticket. Booking fees are applied for each ticket and for all passengers, except infants under 2 years of age. These fees are non-refundable. Booking fees vary according to the country and:

  • Travel type (short-haul, medium-haul, long-haul)
  • Travel class
  • Ticket price and conditions
  • Point of sale (online, phone, ticket office)

Service fees (requests to change or refund a ticket) vary according to:

  • Point of sale
  • Place of issuance

Find out more about applicable ticket fees on the “Terms and booking fees” page in the “Tickets” section of our website.

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Is it possible to make a single booking for 2 children of different ages who are traveling alone?

The services available for children traveling alone depend upon their age and destination. When booking online, if the 2 children in the booking fall into different service categories, you must make 2 separate bookings.

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Will the personal information I provide to book a flight be distributed to other parties?

Some personal information provided for bookings is communicated to local authorities in your destination country.

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What is the final deadline for booking a ticket online?

You can make a booking online up to:

  • 6 hours before the flight departure time for international destinations
  • 1 hour in metropolitan France and within Europe.

For some destinations, the deadline for booking online may be different:

  • 24 hours to and from North Africa,
  • 3 days to and from South America, other destinations in Africa (except Egypt, South Africa), and from Brasil.

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Can I add a stopover to my trip?

If your fare rules* allow it, you can include a stopover of more than 24 hours during a connection between 2 flights. To do this, select Multiple Destinations when booking online. * Most non-flexible fares do not permit stopovers between 2 flights.

Can I book an additional seat next to me?

Passengers with a high body mass can book a 2nd seat. Air France offers a 25% discount on the second seat.

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